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Entering on the platform of cityvistion and using the products will comply with this license agreement by default. The platform includes website platforms such as and all platform products identified by cityvistion.

Who we are
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The media
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What are your rights to your information
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Where do we send your information
Recommended text: Visitor comments may be checked by automatic spam monitoring services.

Product purchase agreement license statement
What the standard license agreement covers:
Whenever you purchase product content from cityvistion, it comes with certain rights that allow you to use the content. Some of these rights include the ability to:

Render image
Render video
Render HDRI and/or virtual reality (VR) scenes
Any of these content you produce and render is completely owned by you, so you can use them for commercial purposes, modify, sell or promote them, and are protected by the end user license agreement (cityvistion|allow ). This is because the final product is a rendering of a 3D model (your personal artwork), not the actual 3D content.

When should you obtain an interactive license:
If you want to use the product in a specific way, some applications of the cityvistion model require an interactive license. Any application, game, or video game in which the model changes based on the user’s behavior requires an interactive license (for example, if the 3D model moves, bends, or walks based on the actions made by the user of the application or game).

Since applications and games redistribute the unrendered version of the 3D model you purchased to modify and manipulate them, they are not subject to the standard license agreement (cityvistion | allow) and require you to purchase an interactive license (only one Notable exceptions) — If you use content for a game engine that will not be distributed, in this case, allow is sufficient). Although a large number of cityvistion’s 3D content comes with interactive license options, the selected items do not-the creator of each product chooses whether to provide interactive licenses.

Read all rights of cityvistion|allow here. For more details on interactive licenses, see section 3.0. If an interactive licensing option is not provided for the product, it cannot be used in applications, games, or video games. Unless otherwise stated, these licenses are not eligible for return or refund.

What the free product trial covers:
Comply with the rules for the use of free products, non-cityvistion specifically states that free products can be distributed and used, but not for commercial purposes. Schools and other educational institutions and non-profit organizations can use it for free and use it for non-profit aspects such as research and development, education, and scientific research in the product field. The profit generation part must comply with the cityviston|allow instructions.

The environment on which the free product depends and the relevant plug-in part should comply with the license statement of the environment provider and the plug-in provider. Cityvistion is not responsible for any legal disputes caused by the environment provider and the plug-in provider. Please be aware! For example, in the following situations, the cityvistion free data assets or development tools and generation programs used by the data assets in the development engines such as unity3d or unreal engine must comply with the Unity and EPIC related product use agreements, and the Cesium for Unreal used in the Unreal Engine And plug-ins such as Vitruvio, please abide by the statement of Cesium and ESRI’s license agreement for plug-in products.



入驻cityvistion旗下平台及使用产品即默认遵守此许可协议。平台包括 等网站平台以及所有cityvistion标识的所有平台产品。

推荐的文本: 我们的站点地址是: 及其平台下所有与cityvistion相关的二级域名与多语言域名网站。

推荐的文本: 当访客留下评论时,我们会收集评论表单所显示的数据,和访客的IP地址及浏览器的user agent字符串来帮助检查垃圾评论。


推荐的文本: 如果您向此网站上传图片,您应当避免上传那些有嵌入地理位置信息(EXIF GPS)的图片。此网站的访客将可以下载并提取此网站的图片中的位置信息。

推荐的文本: 如果您在我们的站点上留下评论,您可以选择用cookies保存您的名字、电子邮箱地址和网站地址。这是通过让您可以不用在评论时再次填写相关内容而向您提供方便。这些cookies会保留一年。




推荐的文本: 此站点上的文章可能会包含嵌入的内容(如视频、图片、文章等)。来自其他站点的嵌入内容的行为和您直接访问这些其他站点没有区别。


推荐的文本: 若您请求重置密码,您的IP地址将包含于密码重置邮件中。

推荐的文本: 如果您留下评论,评论和其元数据将被无限期保存。我们这样做以便能识别并自动批准任何后续评论,而不用将这些后续评论加入待审队列。


推荐的文本: 如果您有此站点的账户,或曾经留下评论,您可以请求我们提供我们所拥有的您的个人数据的导出文件,这也包括了所有您提供给我们的数据。您也可以要求我们抹除所有关于您的个人数据。这不包括我们因管理、法规或安全需要而必须保留的数据。

推荐的文本: 访客评论可能会被自动垃圾评论监测服务检查。

每当您从 cityvistion购买产品内容时,它都会附带允许您使用该内容的某些权利。其中一些权利包括能够:

渲染 HDRI 和/或虚拟现实 (VR) 场景
您制作和渲染的任何这些内容都完全归您所有,因此您可以将它们用于商业用途、修改、出售或推广它们,受最终用户许可协议( cityvistion|allow ) 的保护。这是因为最终产品是 3D 模型的渲染(您的个人艺术作品),而不是实际的 3D 内容。

如果您想以特定方式使用该产品,则cityvistion模型的某些应用程序需要交互式许可证。任何应用程序、游戏或视频游戏,其中模型会根据用户的行为而改变,都需要交互式许可证(例如:如果 3D 模型根据应用程序或游戏的用户所做的动作移动、弯曲或行走)。

由于应用程序和游戏会重新分发您购买的未渲染版本的 3D 模型以对其进行更改和操作,因此它们不受标准许可协议 ( cityvistion | allow ) 的约束,并且需要您购买交互式许可(只有一个值得注意的例外) — 如果您将内容用于不会分发的游戏引擎,在这种情况下,allow就足够了)。虽然 cityvistion的大量 3D 内容都带有交互式许可选项,但选择的项目没有——每个产品的创建者选择是否提供交互式许可。

在 此处阅读cityvistion|allow的全部权利。有关交互式许可证的更多详细信息,请参见第 3.0 节。如果没有为产品提供交互式许可选项,则不能在应用程序、游戏或视频游戏中使用该选项。除非另有说明,否则这些许可证不符合退货或退款的条件。


免费产品所依赖的环境以及相关插件部分徐遵守环境提供方以及插件提供者的许可声明,cityvistion不承担由环境提供方以及插件提供者带来的任何法律纠纷,请悉知!例如如下情况,由数据资产在unity3d或者unreal engine等开发引擎当中使用的cityvistion免费数据资产或者开发工具以及生成程序等产品需遵守Unity以及EPIC相关产品使用协议,以及在Unreal Engine中使用的 Cesium for Unreal 以及Vitruvio等插件请遵守Cesium以及ESRI对插件产品的许可协议的声明。